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Divorce, healthcare and civil mediation services in Orlando, FL

If you and your loved one have decided to go with a mediator for your situation, you’ve both made the right choice. Mediation is an amicable, cost-effective method of resolving matters – leaving litigation and emotional issues behind. ADR Mediation Center of Orlando, Florida is here to help couples, family members and other parties settle personal and financial issues without the added stress of legal fees and formalities. Soon, you and the other individual will have a workable agreement and a fair settlement to address the different issues at hand.

ADR Mediation Center specializes in divorce mediation in Orlando, Florida. We also provide general civil, eldercare and healthcare mediation services. Call ADR Mediation Center for answers to your concerns.

Bypass the complications of the traditional legal process

Since 2006, ADR Mediation Center has helped couples and families find an amicable resolution to their situation. If you are going through a divorce, our Orlando mediators will make sure everything is as easy as possible, especially if children are involved. When you choose our Mediation Center to handle your situation, expect to:

  • Address and settle all issues in one or two sessions
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce stress
  • Reach an amicable settlement

And for other civil disputes in Orlando, FL, ADR Mediation Center can help you reach a reasonable solution.


The Parenting Plan is the area of our greatest focus…to ensure that both parents participate in establishing a plan that will afford them the contact with their children that they seek. Our responsibility to your children is to construct a parenting plan that provides parental responsibility and supervision for them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We cover the basics of at which house the children will be throughout the week or month, and establish a holiday time-sharing plan that respects both parent’s wishes. We address many other areas (i.e.: health care, school zones, extracurricular activities) to minimize future needs to negotiate predictable concerns.This affords people the opportunity to focus on their children through the years, and not on items that may become “issues”.


Child support is the one area that is driven by Florida law. It is designed to move two parental households towards a more equitable level. Child support does not equalize the income of the households, but attempts to minimize the income differences to ensure adequate support for each child at each parent’s home. The principal variables of the formula are the combined net income of the parents, and the amount of overnights the children will spend with each parent. We will calculate child support for you, and identify which parent should pay child support, and the amount.


We review the information you provided on the forms previously sent, to help you get a clear picture of your financial position and monthly budgetary needs. We address the division of assets and liabilities based on what you have discussed, and/or may suggest creative alternative approaches to reach such a division.


Alimony, or spousal support, can be one of the more challenging areas to resolve for many couples. While alimony laws change periodically, the overriding concept is that of the financial needs of one party, and the ability of the other party to pay a certain amount. There is not the same specific formula as exists for determining child support, but rather guidelines for the establishment of alimony, and definitions as to the different types of alimony which can be either part of a mediated settlement or may be awarded by a Judge in an attorney driven divorce. As neutral Mediators, we cannot provide legal advice on issues such as alimony. Beyond helping couples understand the defined types of current alimony, we encourage people to learn about the specifics of alimony with a basic internet search to provide an informed platform for the discussion.

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