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Is Everything I Tell The Mediator Confidential?

Communications in the mediation process are privileged and confidential as
allowed by law. Information received by the mediator from either party, outside the presence of the other, shall remain confidential unless the party consents to the sharing of that information.

Mediation confidentiality supports negotiating in good faith, and in a way that supports both people leaving mutually satisfied. The confidentiality of mediation presumes that, during this process, that one would not discuss the specifics of the settlement agreement with, for instance, family or friends, as they may encourage you to pursue a settlement that they think is fair, rather than what was mutually agreed upon by you and your spouse.

Charles Geller

About the Author Charles Geller has over 30 years of experience working with
individuals and families who are going through the practical
and emotional challenges of relationship and family changes.