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What Are The Fees And Costs Of Family Divorce Mediation?

A: A complete mediation process with ADR Divorce Mediation Center usually costs less than the retainer for one attorney, not to mention the cost of two attorneys employed to battle the case out in court. With litigated divorces, costs can go sky high. Each party usually pays their own attorney a retainer of at least $2500, and fees go up from there based on time in consultation, research, discovery, telephone calls, letters, and court time.

Our hourly fee applies to all time spent in meetings, and for extended phone calls. We have a minimum of one two-hour meeting with both parties, and a one-hour review and signing follow-up session. The average mediation takes from about 3-4 hours of mediation. The mediation session fee is paid at the end of each session, and the fee for assisting in the preparation of the documents is paid half before and half after preparation.

Charles Geller

About the Author Charles Geller has over 30 years of experience working with
individuals and families who are going through the practical
and emotional challenges of relationship and family changes.