Learn how to average $2200+ pro se divorce mediation


Pro Se Divorce Mediation

More and more, couples are seeking an alternative to a litigated divorce…Pro Se Divorce Mediation.

Family mediation has helped countless families avoid a destructive marital dissolution. And Pro Se Divorce Mediation is becoming a preferred avenue to those who want to remain amicable, and … “just want to get divorced without all the trouble and expense”.

Completing just 2 or 3 pro se mediations per month will dramatically impact your income. Couples are turning to Pro Se Divorce Mediation as the process for their divorce to save time and money, and to avoid attorney involvement and expense.

Don't lose pro se business...capture it!

This training has given Family Mediators the necessary information to succeed in providing services to pro se couples for almost 20 years.

 Our training provides a means to effectively market your services, and to learn to efficiently guide
families through the divorce process without engaging attorneys.

What We Cover

In response to requests by interested mediators, we now offer our annual workshop in both Orlando and South Florida,
(centrally located in Delray Beach-- within 45 minutes from most locations).

Our program provides 8 hours CME for Family and General Mediation,
including 1 hour Ethics credit,
and is Florida Bar Certified for 8 CLE hours including 1 hour Ethics credit.


Presented By:

Dan Warner, Past President FAPM, The Mediation Center, Jacksonville, FL

Charlie Geller, ADR Mediation Center, Orlando, FL